Project Hope

Founded by BCM, Projeto Esperanca “Project Hope” was established in 2005 and received final approval in 2008 as a non-profit, government approved organization. The first shelter was opened in May of 2008 in Aracaju, Brazil as an all girls’ shelter. Since that time, the Lord has expanded the reach of this ministry to allow us to serve the entire community – children, youth, adults, and families. In August of 2013, the shelter transitioned to a community outreach center and is serving over 100 families from the area. Children are provided tutoring, Bible and English classes, and lots of love every day. Courses are offered to adults that provide them with skill-sets that improve their daily lives. 

Our desire is to build and administer children’s shelters and community outreach centers throughout Brazil. Projeto Esperanca maintains an elected Brazilian Board of Directors responsible for overseeing the project(s). God has blessed us with Christian Partners in the area with whom we share a common bond: a desire to help children living on the streets or in unsafe conditions and impact the lives of those in the community.

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